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Masarib Media

Media Services Company

Professional media services crew in Rwanda
Best video conference and live broadcast in Rwanda
The best Media production company in Rwanda
cheap  prices for website design in Rwanda
Media Production

Years of experience in Rwanda and the region

Video Conferencing

Advanced techniques for video conference & stream

Media Production

Various levels for all Tv production formats

Best Website building service in Rwanda
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Masarib Media Services Company

Masarib is a media services company registered and located in Kigali, Rwanda since 2019

We are providing professional  video & film production, Tv advertising, digital marketing, brand building, websites design, web hosting, video conferencing,  and more. 

Masarib is well known production house for various local & international clients

What Does Masarib Mean ?

“Masarib” is an Arabic word means paths through which rainwater flows towards the river. 

From this meaning, we derived our vision to provide a wide range of interrelated services in one place.

Media production & digital marketing in Rwanda

Advanced Media Services Company in Rwanda

Based on 14 years of experience on film production we are reaching new levels of creativity and efficiency. 
With beautiful sets of equipment & talented technicians Masarib promise its clients with most professional and creative media products, documentary film, Tv advertising, news reports and stories, music videos, info-graphic, drama and more. 

best digital marketing agency in Rwanda

Best Digital Marketing Services In Rwanda

Sweeping digital campaign for rocket reach

If you are looking for an exceptional digital marketing services; then you need the top digital marketing agency in Rwanda, and we glad to welcome you her at Masarib, the fastest place to achieve that.
Our commitment is not only to accomplish your digital marketing tasks; but also to plan the goals list itself with a genius strategy, to ensures an unprecedented online presence, high competitive ability, all at affordable prices and customizable packages

The best Website Design Services in Rwanda

Wide range of services in one reasonable package

We can confidently state it since we have the enormous Hetzner servers in Germany, the top design team, and more than five years of expertise. In Rwanda, we create the best and fastest websites ever.

Professional Photography Sessions

Professional Photography Sessions

The photo is a fundamental part of high quality media production & Digital marketing in Rwanda business market or anywhere in the world. 

Our clients from different careers enjoys professional photography sessions the designed to meet all the needs and purposes, checkout this list of basics for each photography session we provide:

  • Advanced equipment & accessories
  • Professional photographers
  • Indoor & outdoor options
  • Specialized products photography

Video conference & Stream

As leading media services company in Rwanda, we always a step ahead towards the technology
We introduce the most advanced video conference service in Rwanda, with professional multiple tv cameras, an audio and video mixer, and Internet transmission for video conferencing and its different uses.

Rwanda ..Thousand hills, million stories

Special media services for Tv news stories production

Featured Media production